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5 d upgrade

x5 60 min sessions


The frequency of the planet is currently shifting from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. The 3d frequencies are made up of ‘denser/lower’ energy. Feelings such as anger, fear and judgement are a part of this and as we are transitioning, they are becoming more intense, bringing them to the forefront to be shifted and cleared. This is a part of the ascension process into the lighter/higher 5D frequencies. It is seen clearly throughout the world at the moment, unrest, fear, anger and issues around control are everywhere. Some are not handling this shift well, leaning more into depression and anxiety and focusing on how powerless they feel. Others are thriving, starting new businesses, and manifesting the lives they really want.


In the 5th dimension feelings such as love, connection, flow, unity and empowerment are the norm. Psychic abilities, a stronger connection to your intuition and the synchronicities of the universe will be more obvious to you and new opportunities will flow in. Even skills such as remote viewing, telepathy, dimensional and astral travelling will be easier to develop.


In these sessions we will prepare your body and mind to welcome in and integrate these higher frequencies with much more ease. Previous 3d behaviours and emotions simply cannot survive in this higher state of being, so these will be released. The things that have been holding you back or affected you previously, will not be able to hold you back any more.


The five sessions will include:


- Parasite cleanse

- Full body cleanse

- Nervous system upgrade

- Chakra upgrades

- Energy cord removal

- Aura cleanse

- Inner child healing

- Master reset

- 5d upgrade


Doing these as a package will allow the healings to ‘stack up’ and work in conjunction with each other and create serious momentum in your life.

Bookable with Joe

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