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What is Star Magic healing?

Star Magic Healing is a powerful, multidimensional healing modality that merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of focused intent. Through using high-vibrational, star-encoded frequencies, Star Magic facilitates healing on a cellular level while enabling deep emotional detoxification and expansion in consciousness. You will be empowered to challenge yourself, tap into your true potential and live your purpose. Expect to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upgrades. Expect your life to change.

Joe is a Level 3 Star Magic facilitator, he's client base is international and he regularly travels around the globe, with the Star Magic team, delivering phenomenal results. Joe also offers blends of healing and coaching sessions.

Sophie is currently accredited to Level 1 and also offers unique blends of Star Magic with transformative breathwork and sound healing.

Joe and Sophie work in the quantum field (the dimension where all is created),  which means they can access all timelines and frequency bands, ('past' lives for example) to get to the root of the issue and clear it.


They tap into the quantum field, accessing the information, change the code, therefore changing the reality. Using the technique of quantum entanglement they can work on clients all over the world from any place. Sessions are equally effective in person or by distance. 

Some examples of what they can work on:-



phobias & anxiety

parasite and entity removals

energy cord removals

'past' life healing

inner child healing

womb clearing & healing

physical ailments and conditions

spinal realignment

organ cleanses

chakra and aura cleansing

home clearings

chakra upgrades

5d upgrades

business upgrades


Parasite & Entity removals are 3 sessions*

5d upgrade is 5 sessions*

A selection of these are often done in one session (dependent on what arises).

If there is one in particular you would like a focus on, state it on the booking form when you book in, but you do not need to specify anything if you don't want to.

Star Magic knows no bounds, so if there is something not on the list, put it on your booking form and we can bring it in to the healing.​

Joe and Sophie can dissolve blockages and clear the way for you, HOWEVER your commitment to your wellbeing and growth is an absolute necessity.​

Any clients who have discovered Joe via Star Magic events or promotion, will need to book in with him via the Star Magic website, by clicking here.


For more detailed explanations of some of the treatments available, click on the pages in the menu.

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