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Joe Hullett

Star Magic Accredited Facilitator Level 3

Reiki Master
Unconscious Mind Therapist
Reiki Massage

What is Star Magic healing?

Joe uses a powerful and life changing modality, called Star Magic Healing. He uses specific Star Magic frequencies to change, free up and create new desired realities. Joe's client base is international and he regularly travels around the globe, with Star Magic, assisting Jerry, bringing healing to many illnesses and conditions deemed 'untreatable or beyond a cure' by mainstream healthcare.

He works in the quantum field (the dimension where all is created),  which means he can access all timelines and frequency bands, in other words across all time and space.  There can be issues in other timelines, affecting this one.


Equally this work is just as powerful whether you are in the same space or not.  Joe works with people all over the world (distance healing) and is able to use quantum entanglement to connect to your energetic field and do the necessary work whether you are here or in Australia.

Joe can work on physical ailments, trauma, addictions, 5d upgrades, organ cleanses, parasite and entity removals, dissolving contracts, energy cord removals and so much more.

Joe is also a Reiki master, but Star Magic healing is way beyond what he has been able to do with Reiki and has facilitated healings on Reiki trainers who have been in the field many years and are blown away with the healing they receive from Joe.

Expect massive shifts from these healings.

Joe is available for 1-1 healings, he is also co hosting with Sophie on Sound Medicine each month. He is available for hire to bring Star Magic to other people's events.


07875 688 694



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