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We are electrical beings and your brain is like a biological computer and like with a computer you can download a program to run on it and it physically comes up on the computer screen. This is what is happening with us in our reality. We run certain programs through our thoughts and they take place on our computer screen through our eyes and our reality.


During the session I will bring in downloads of light information for anything you are lacking or wish to bring in such as self love, confidence, calmness, awareness, energy/power, etc and this will take place in your physical reality because we are downloading it into your biological computer, your brain.


I can download qualities and attributes that you need also and they can come from highly successful people in the area that you want to improve on.

So say you needed to have more knowledge in business and in a certain area of business, then we can find someone who you aspire to, who inspires you and we can download those exact traits and qualities that they have into your reality, which will then start working on a deep cellular level and running that program.


What is it you want to bring into your life as a personality trait?

What area of your being do you want to improve?


These are having an amazing effect for people, something so simple yet so powerful.

Bookable with Joe and Sophie

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