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All allergies are able to be cleared. They are not a forever reaction. This is the body communicating with you through a symptom and there is always an emotional charge behind it. The emotional connections and charges vary for each allergy and for each person.

During this session, I will access the information to discover the root cause of the allergy and heal it. There will also be other energy work taking place to protect you from other harmful things in your environment and to replenish your system.

I personally have dissolved the symptom of hay-fever from myself and my partner, my children and many clients, and it has not came back since. Clients have said that whilst everyone else around them were suffering from hay-fever, they themselves (who were normally the worst suffering of it) are now symptom free.

Other clients have been able to eat food that they previously had an allergic reaction to, go to places and houses, visiting family and friends, without worrying about previous uncomfortable symptoms.

Bookable with Sophie or Joe

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