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Aura Cleanse

As we walk the streets or sit in our offices or just out in a public place, our auras are mixing with other peoples and not everyone has an energy field, you would want to be mixing with, who knows what they could have going on.


Empathic humans struggle to be in busy public places because they feel what everyone feels this is because their aura is wide open and mixing with anyone and everyone’s energy fields.


During this procedure, we will cleanse your aura, freshly energise it and then protect it so that you cannot be affected by anyone else’s energy field communicating with yours, whilst you are just trying to go about your day.

I will also give you advice on how to protect your energy and your aura in these situations how to turn it on and off when you choose to receive information on others, and when you just want to be in your own peace and your own energy field.


From these session, people have felt a calmness in busy public places, a sense of peace in high emotional situations and unaffected by others opinions and personal situations. They have gone from needing to rush to get home so that they can recharge to really enjoy being out in public in nature around people, parties and social events, offices and just busy shopping places. They have started to enjoy the whole process of life, not having to shy away or get away to protect themselves in their energies. They describe being more confident and sociable too.

Bookable with Joe or Sophie

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