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Energy Cleanse

You are a human being as a physical form, but beyond this you are energy, frequency, vibration. Like you wash and clean your physical body, we also need to cleanse on an energetic level. When energy isn’t running efficiently it can affect you in many ways, such as:- tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, injury and illness to name a few.


Think of a waste pipe at your sink. Food stagnates and sticks to the pipe, this builds up over time (unless it has a regular cleaning process). The water drainage then slows and if the build up is big enough, it can even block the pipe. Energy runs through our bodies in a similar way.


You may not notice the build up that is happening slowly over time. However, when something more challenging comes along, you may not have the capacity to deal with it efficiently and you could experience feelings such as overwhelm, fear or powerlessness.


So in this cleanse I will free up any blockages and clear the channels so that your energy can flow at 100%. As a result you will be more resilient of life's inevitable challenges, your thinking will become clearer, you will find you feel more balanced. You will be able to respond better to situations rather then reacting. You will radiate positive energy and start to attract situations that match this higher energetic vibration.

Bookable with Joe and Sophie

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