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Master Reset

This is an in-person healing only due to a physical healing way taking place.

Once we look beyond the physical matter, we are just energy and once we go beyond energy, we see that we are just light, information and code. Your brain is like a biological computer that holds information and run programs that make up our reality. Certain programs like illness which then show up in physical symptoms in a physical 3-D world.

So what we can do with this biological computer is delete information that is not of our highest good, that does not serve us and we can delete this information and create new information, new code and a new reality that we wish to download into our biological computer.

This is a super powerful way of healing, this really knows no limits, so set your intentions high and you will receive.

In this session, I will ask you for an intention of something you wish to bring in or something you wish to release, certain low vibrational programs you have been running, I will then run very specific codes into your biological computer, which will delete the old information, override it with new information, which will run these new programs into your reality.


Are you willing to drop these old programs and start running new and powerful ones and change your life?


Expect massive transformation!!!

Bookable with Sophie & Joe

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