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Starseed Soar!

Starseed Soar!

Insight and life guidance reading (Sophie)

Star Magic Quantum healing (Joe)

Sound and crystal healing (Sophie)

Coaching session (Sophie)


This bundle will give you everything you need to get unstuck and moving forward!


A psychic card reading from Sophie to help you get to the crux of the issue quickly and most importantly what will help you to move forwards.


Then a quantum healing with Joe which will upgrade you on levels you never thought possible and clear things you may not have ever been aware of that are holding you back.


Followed up by a sound and crystal healing, giving you much needed integration time, cellular renewal, and an upgrading in your consciousness.


Completed by a personalised empowerment coaching session to laser focus on your goals and what you want from your life going forwards.


You were born to soar not stagnate!

Let's get you thriving and driving forward! 


There are no refunds available on this product, for all sessions a 24 hour minimum period of notice of cancellation or rescheduling of appointment is required.  To be used within 6 weeks.


Joe and Sophie will be in touch via the details you give at payment to book you in for your sessions.

Sessions will be held in their 'zen den' in St Paul's cray.

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