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Sound Healing

Sound healing is a truly nourishing, restorative practice. Your body has not felt relaxation like it will with sound!


Sound has the ability to decrease levels of stress hormones like cortisol, create a release of endorphins (the body's natural painkiller), regulate sleeping patterns with the production of melatonin, it can elevate your mood, reduce inflammation and promote the production of immune cells which helps your whole body health.

Perfect for those with busy minds, who do not get on with classical meditation.  The frequencies can shift your brain waves to also aid deep relaxation of the mind and body.

We are made of frequencies, and while these perfectly pitched frequencies are played, using a technique called entrainment, your frequencies will come to harmony with the ones played around you.

Ever Evolving have high quality Crystal Tone Alchemy bowls, planetary and archangel gongs, voice activation, drum and more.

You will be taken on a journey, bathed in sound, uniquely created for the energy of the group or individual if experiencing on a 1-1 level. 

They host a monthly sound bath event, with Star Magic frequencies for the group and individual healings, all on air beds, with a crystal pop up shop, card readings (included in ticket price) and ceremonial grade cacao is served. 

There is time to socialise with friends, meet new ones and connect with us, before and after the sound session.

1-1 sound journeys are available and you can book Sophie and Joe in for small private groups too, or combine sound with a group card reading with friends.

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