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Vaccine shedding

One way colds and viruses spread, is through vaccine shedding. A ‘live’ virus is injected in the body, or sprayed up the nose and the recipient will shed this virus for a time. Then there is also the issue of heavy metals, formaldehyde, nano bots and AI technology that I regularly clear from people who have been vaccinated. There is also harmful heavy metals in the air, that we breathe into our bodies. The water that we drink and the food that we eat also contain these harmful chemicals, which impacts the body and mind significantly. In this session I will clear and protect you from all of these harmful chemicals and viruses.


Following these sessions, clients are feeding back to me that they haven’t been ill, even when other friends, family and colleagues are. They also comment on how great they feel. They have increased awareness and connection to themselves and a heightened intuition. The energy levels are much higher than what they used to be and the mind is clear and is their thoughts and a lot more positive.

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