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How free are you?

What does it mean to be truly free of something?

Choosing to do something or not is a freedom of choice yes BUT when it’s out of fear or a perceived ‘necessity’ is it? I don’t think so.

For 9 years I chose to not drink or drug in any way. However there was a fear behind it, I felt it was essential to my safety and well-being, that I couldn’t control myself.

At that point when going into recovery that was very true and a period of abstinence was essential then.

Yet I worked very hard on myself and healing over the 9 years I was in recovery and I knew for the last couple of years that this was no longer my truth.

I knew that I didn’t need to repeatedly enforce a negative, self limiting, fear based narrative that kept telling me I was only one drink away from making the kind of decisions I did in my lowest times.

It didn’t take into account the inner work I had done and the progress I had made in 9 years, it was a narrative that claimed I was inherently flawed and had a disease that I would never be ‘free’ of.

It was essential for my journey to continue to progress that I must drop this lie, to trust my inner compass and step into my power and own where I really was at and take full responsibility for myself.

Having to avoid something out of fear is not freedom from it.

Being able to see something for what it truly is and it losing it’s hold and power over you, (that you gave it in the first place) - IS.

I can take or leave a drink or whatever now.


Because I can regulate myself, my emotions, I can feel today, I don’t need something to numb things for me. I have a strong resilience that I have built by facing my biggest fears and feeling & processing my deepest wounds.

I don’t care if you drink or don’t drink, that’s not the focus, it’s the example I’m using for a bigger narrative.

One where people are imprisoned by themselves in disempowering stories, where they feel powerless and have no hope for any better.

It starts and ends with you.

Rise up, take responsibility

take action and see your life change

Where are you limiting yourself?

What action could you take to change that right now?


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