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Ever Evolving specialise in providing powerful group and individual Sound Baths and quantum Star Magic healing in the Orpington and Bromley area. 

This powerful duo have a joint purpose to guide people back to their power and reach their potential in life.

Photo of Sophie Russell

Sophie is an intuitive healer using sound, psychic card readings/coaching, transformative breathwork, yoga and deep healing sacred ceremonial containers to guide people back to freedom and wholeness. 

Sophie's passion is fuelled by her own personal recovery journey from CPTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm and alcoholism and addiction. 

Sophie has proven that you can truly overcome addiction, not by avoiding the substances for life, but by addressing the reasons why. Do that and the behaviours slip away.

Many people have 'addictive' behaviours of sorts, anxiety and depression, why? Because they are carrying trauma, suppressing their true emotions and not living aligned with their true values.  Things improve when you start to take responsibility, not necessarily as to what has happened to you, but in your response and your daily choices and how you want to live your life, it comes down to you, no one can change it all for you, nor should they!

Sophie was a daily morning spirit drinker wanting to end it all (for the second time in her life, reaching the same place previously with daily drug use) and in her desperation went into 12 step recovery at the age of 25.  She spent  9 years of continuous sobriety and clean time learning about herself and healing and being of service in the 12 step fellowship and therapy.  But as she grew and developed spiritually, first through the 12 step program, then with plant medicines and learnt of the amazing work of people like Dr Joe Dispeza, she knew she was ready to transcend this label and prove to herself and others that you can overcome things and heal yourself and live your life in freedom. 


To read more on Sophie's personal journey and pick up some free tools from her and 19 other energy healers, buy her book here.

photo of Joe Hullett

About Joe…


Joe was a gas engineer, completely unconscious of the world around him. Until he attended an Ayahuasca ceremony, that changed his life forever. He woke up to the world and he’s previously dormant healing abilities were activated and he is now living out his purpose, as a powerful facilitator of Star Magic healing.



Training and Experience


Joe firstly trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, then went on to become an Unconscious Mind Therapist. He was guided to Star Magic Healing and has been accredited up to Level 2 and is currently working on his Level 3 accreditation. Joe is also a part of the core team at Star Magic, facilitating healing on many of the group events and assisting in trainings.


Joe facilitates healing at the highest level with clients, witnessing so called ‘Miracles’ for themselves, unexplainable to logic. Using his intuition and training, he gets to the root of another souls issues. Whatever the client needs in that moment, Joe is there with no fear and his heart open wide.



Joe's mission


Is to bring deep healing and access to the infinite power and potential in us all.


Together we rise.


We are whole, We are Sovereign, We are Free!

You have the opportunity to connect with them, in person at their monthly Sound Medicine event.


Joint private healing sessions are available with Sophie and Joe too, click here to check availability and to book.

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