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Star Magic Healing - Energy cords

  • 1 h
  • From 111 British pounds
  • Orpington

Service Description

Energy cords are an energetic attachment from one person to another person, place, job, situation, past lives, future lives, etc that draw energy from that human being and feed it to this. It is important that everyone is free from all energy cords so that we can all experience life freely for ourselves. There are no good energy cords. Imagine what it’s like to not give your energy away, for your energy to be only for you, this is how life should be. Energy cords can prevent us and stop us from living our true potential through other peoples fears or other peoples judgement. This is typical between parents and their children. Its how the same fears and phobia’s, the same illnesses and conditions get past down through generations. When you’re around certain people, do you feel your energy is drained or if you are at work, is your energy drained or even when you’re not at work is work life draining your energy? Even if you try to get away from this, it stills drags you into connection? There is something sucking and draining your energy and it is an energy cord. Once energy cords are removed, you may notice: You have more energy. Certain symptoms do not persist. Emotions are more controlled. You start to respond rather than react. Not being dragged into arguments or being triggered by others. No Overwhelm. Patience increase. Are you ready to live your life full of energy and be free to fulfil your life ambitions? Keeping in spirit of the teachings I have received from the Diamond flame within my heart, I open up the opportunity for all to receive healing. There are 3 investment options, choose the one that aligns with your current finances. For those who are calling in additional support from the universe, there is the Diamond option. For those who can, the standard investment is the Diamond flame option. For those who are happy to support another, your investment will include a healing for yourself and also gift another human being a free session too. This is a brilliant way to spread the love and bring about balance in our community. It is in your truth and my trust, that you choose the right option for you. Diamond spark - £111 Diamond flame - £222 Stardust - £333 In person healings, by distance or home visits can be arranged No cancellations are accepted on these bookings, because as soon as you make the decision to make the investment, the Star Magic frequencies have already begun to do their work

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Anything less then this will mean you are responsible for the full payment of your booking.

Contact Details

  • Orpington, UK

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