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Parasite Cleanse

x3 60 min sessions


Astral entities or shadow parasites can invade our energy field, hindering the pathway to enlightenment. We may have made conscious or unconscious agreements with them in moments of fear or need.

These entities attach themselves to us, often promising comfort in exchange for living vicariously through us.

These shadow parasites can change our behaviour patterns to suit themselves for the gain of this negative energy. Humans to these shadow parasites are just a food source. but they feel that they own you and you are just a host and their home.

The shadow parasite cleanse is three sessions in rapid succession. Once booked please provide personal photo. Joe will contact and suggest a strategy as we advance. Astral entities are just as subject to distortion and the illusion of polarity as beings of the third dimension. They often feed on substance, addictions, or people enjoying anger or violence etc. They will spur arguments, increasing the intensity of karmic situations. Sometimes relationships between people that actually relationships between entities attach to them. It is vital to release these beings into the light, so that you can be free of the parasitic influence.


Feedback from clients who have had these parasites removed, feel free freer than I ever imagined before. Their negative behaviour patterns stop immediately. They no longer live in those low vibrational thoughts that they did. Their energy levels are huge, their sleep patterns increased dramatically, and these destructive choices that they used to make, they don’t even see it as an option any more. They have their power back, they have their mind back, they are free.

Bookable with Joe

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