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Transformative Breathwork & Alchemy sound healing

This powerful, deeply personal and nourishing session will completely be tailored to you.

Giving you the private space you need to explore your body on a deeper level then you have ever known and to release whatever is holding you back.

Bringing you back to harmony and peace.

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Breathwork for anxiety

This session will be packed full of life saving and life changing information to give you valuable tools to claim back your power in your life. 

As humans we all experience feelings of anxiety at times, but here you will learn how to manage this and remove crippling anxiety, so that you can live the life you want, moving through these emotions with grace and ease and let go of the hold it has on you. 

Sophie will also play a unique soundscape to soothe your system further and upgrade your frequency,  as you integrate these new techniques.

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Breathwork & Soul Work Reading

Many feel powerless in their lives and don't know what way to go or how to get there. In this session Sophie will combine the power of breathwork to centre you, and bring you to a deeper awareness of yourself and what you want. She will use her psychic abilities and deep knowledge of human behaviour to provide you with an in-depth card reading that will show you where you are blocking yourself and how to make the next right changes to propel you forwards.  

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