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A magical potent offering, taking you through a transformative breathwork session with Sophie - an expert body reader and next level Star Magic healing, from international Star Magic level 3 facilitator Joe Hullett, to free your body and mind from the past of this life, other realities you could be tied to and open your consciousness and world on every level! Expect major transformation!!


The nervous system regulates everything in our bodies, so when it is in a dysfunctional state, it affects our whole being, even organ function.  Through trauma, the nervous system can become dysfunctional, stuck in reactions from the past (physically and mentally) with situations in the present. 


This cyclical (continuous) breathwork will bypass certain brain circuitary, changing the blood flow to other areas of the brain, taking you beyond the logical brain and into the limbic system where repressed emotions are stored.  


When staying with a connected breath through these releases, we train the nervous system and signal to it that we are ok, that we have felt, processed and released these emotions, then the cycle is complete and the nervous system can come back to regulation.  Therefore the dysfunctional pattern is no longer driving unconscious behaviours and influencing your decisions. New perspectives are formed and our physiological responses to situations balanced out.


Joe will be bringing powerful Star Magic quantum codes into the space to expand and clear your nervous systems throughout, but also he has the unique ability, with Star Magic practices, to access other realities that are affecting you in the now. This work will bring whole new dimensions to this work and take your expansion to a new level.


Sophie will guide you through your journey and be on hand with somatic release techniques for your body and to guide you to the areas you can access for deeper healing. 


During this process of deep rhythmical breath, the brain produces more of it's own 'indiginous DMT). When we have an increase in this natural chemical within us, it can open the mind to a whole new plane of existance and reality. It can bring a much more expanded clarity, allow you to see things for how they truly are, to even connect to realities that most do not experience in their everyday conscious state. This can be truly life changing and bring a connection to the world around you and beyond on a deeply profound level. 


This is a deeply empowering practice, as what you get out of it, will be a direct correlation to the work you are willing to put in yourself. Every breath is a choice, what you choose to acknowledge, feel and let go of, is a choice by you. This will build your resilience massively. With a strong resilience and a healthy nervous system, we can take life as it comes and address life's situations with much more ease, grace and clarity.

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