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Chakra work

We have 7 main energy centres in our bodies known as the Chakra’s. They control the flow of energy through various parts of our bodies and are linked to certain emotions.


One of the issues that commonly arises, is they can become clogged up with stuck emotion and the flow of energy then restricted, which can affect you on an emotional and energetic level. For the majority, the chakras haven’t been looked after, and they cave in at the middle making it even easier to block this energy flow all together.


Through a very specific way we will cleanse, fully open, energise and bring  all your chakras into total harmony and balance with each other. Once complete, you will be able to manage life on a whole new level. You will experience energy levels that you can’t imagine. You will operate from a place of response rather than reaction.


The goal would be to work on this regularly this way we can work together on increasing the size of the chakras and begin to merge them, eventually into one big heart chakra. This is going to be very powerful. You will operate from a place of love of and for everything and everybody always. Love is the greatest and highest frequency off all.


This is a highly recommendable treatment. 

Bookable with Joe or Sophie.

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