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Mastering your breath is one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal to change your life.

Once you know how to use it consciously, you will have this tool for life and it will cost you nothing!

Depending on what technique you utilise, you can learn how to change your mood, increase energy, calm it, clear your mind, elevate your consciousness, bring more creativity into your life, increase your resilience and capacity to cope with more, decrease stress, decrease your blood pressure, take yourself to higher planes of awareness, heal traumas from this life and others, I could go on...

Sophie has worked with the breath for nearly 20 years and it has got her personally through extremely difficult times andshe has helped many clients to shift into an empowered state of being, to know their true selves and find direction, purpose and live a life they are happy with.


Functional Breathwork

Here Sophie can teach you how to use the breath to change your state of being, simple techniques that you can use anytime you need to. 

This is great for anxiety and stress related issues, this can be done in a singular session or combined in a 4 week course with coaching and 2 transformative breathwork sessions.

Transformative Breathwork

During a Transformative Breathwork session, deep rhythmic, circular breathing is performed, the blood flow is changed to a different part of the brain. We bypass the 'logical' mind and go deep into the body. In this state, the body is given a chance to complete previously incomplete cycles of trauma, still held on to.

This is important to do, as the nervous system (which governs all organs as well as actions and behaviours) is controlled by the unconscious mind. If there are unresolved traumas, hurts and wounds, you can get stuck in a cycle that you may not even be aware of is happening. Your nervous system could be in a constant state of hyper arousal, which is very stressful for the body and mind. 

In these sessions we learn to breathe through what arises and find empowerment and a greater sense of self resilience.

Furthermore due to more 'indigenous' DMT being produced in the participants brain, it is a great opportunity to find clarity on how to move forwards, to experience different realities and have access to higher states of consciousness and awareness are all very possible in these sessions.

Sophie, as an expert body reader can also offer Somatic bodywork release to help you release deeper, if required. 

She also creates a unique playlist for each client and has a wide selection of musical instruments.


You can experience Transformative Breathwork in a private 1-1 session, a 4 week 1-1 course with integrationary tasks, individually tailored to you, in between sessions, to dive even deeper.  Or you can join in the group YOUnity events held every few months with Sophie and Joe and including sound and Star Magic healing.


The beauty of breathwork is you are in full control at all times. Everything is explained and run through in all these sessions so you know the process and what is involved every step of the way.


Sophie will encourage and inspire you, using drum, rattle, voice and assist with Star Magic frequencies and healing in all the above sessions.

You will be very much held and supported, in a safe place, to release what you need to, so you can move on with your life from a much more positive and clearer outlook.

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