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B R E A T H E - Yoga for anxiety pack

B R E A T H E - Yoga for anxiety pack

Anxiety is where we are not in the present moment, we are in fear, thinking of what may or may not happen essentially.  It can be dehabilitating, draining and effect us as well as those we love around us.


Sophie has a lot of personal experience with mental health issues, anxiety, depression, ptsd, addiction, eating disorders, self harm and more and years of professional experience helping others with the same.  


Today though Sophie sees herself as a free person, who no longer is controlled by these conditions, she lives under none of these labels, nor needs to adjust her life because of them. Whatever does come up is managed, felt and processed.  She is no longer crippled by these things and has a full and enjoyable life.  


She wants you to have the same, and you can!


In this pack Sophie has included her most important, valued and effective tools for taking back your personal power and learning how to self regulate (manage your moods and emotions) so you can begin to take back the only control we do have in our lives - our own choices and reactions to it. 


This package includes:


x2 yoga 35 minute beginner friendly practices

x2 guided meditations (including specialised breathing practices for self regulation of anxiety) 


All of these sessions are done in a simple, easy to follow video format. 


After purchase you will be sent the links in a document/image (via the email you use at checkout) to the videos for you to watch whenever you choose and for however long you need them. Just click the hyperlinks to go directly to the videos.


**Download link in the email lasts 30 days, so don't forget to save them to your favourites!


Ready to go deeper?


A discount code will be sent to you for a discount on a private session with me, in person or online

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