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Super Mobile
  • Super Mobile

    Are you hypermobile or 40 years old+, or wanting to strengthen the body and practice within a safe range of movement? 


    Then this is the course for you!


    Sophie draws on her 20 years of instructing various modalities, her level 3 anatomy and physiology knowledge and various Yoga and Pilates teacher trainings, alongside her own personal experience of recovering from 3 pregnancies and diastasis recti and learning about the hypermobility in her own body, to bring you a simple, yet informative video information pack full of her best tips to help you support your body in the best way possible. 


    Sophie runs through the basic techniques and pointers to look out for in the body and how to apply them to foundational Yoga poses.  She runs through backbend techniques to help you practice backbending without painful compression in the lumbar area.  There is also a video on various ways to breathe and learning how to breathe in a way that supports the spine through movement. 


    This course is also great for 40 year old + women because the body starts to produce less estrogen in the body, which can make muscles and connective tissues more 'lax', so this strength based and supportive practice is ideal for ensuring you are not putting too much pressure on organs or areas that you don't want to weaken!


    This work has been very helpful for Sophie and many of her clients, who have reported back that they are now practicing many poses pain free and or more effectively, feeling stretch and activation in places they never have before! These techniques could well transform your practice, prepare to challenge misconceptions often taught in Yoga classes.


    Video 1 - Introduction

    Video 2 - Technique

    Video 3 - Application

    Video 4 - Backbending

    Video 5 - Diaphragmatic breathing


    total video time - 93 minutes


    Once you purchase this product, you will be sent a thank you email with the download button to access the links for your video information pack (see example in next image)

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